Sunday, March 13, 2005

Father Time

Today is my father's uncle's birthday. He turns 58. If you see this man, he looks nothing like 58, instead, he looks a lot younger. His attitude isnt that of a 58 yr old man. I can't help but think of ppl that I know that are around that age and are on the other side of the "look your age' spectrum.

I remember being younger, in high school, for example. All the girls my age were dating older guys. It was the thing to do. Inside, I thought "maybe I should try dating an older girl, since all the girls my age are taken." That idea was quickly scratched when seeing some of these ladies. At 14, a 20 yr old girl looked like a woman to me. I felt i was playing out of my league. There was no way i could scoop up a 20 yr old while she def had her eyes set on the older guys. At 18, a 21 yr old STILL seemed like she was too mature for me..not to say that i was immature [and maybe I was], but it didnt seem cool. Now, at the age that I am, and looking around at the girls around me who r my age, if I would have had my balls on tight back at 19, I might have been able to stomp with the big dawgs. Not to say that girls my age are lil girls...but, hey! You ladies arent as "mature" as they advertise.

I'll be a yr older this month on Good Friday [in all my life, Good Friday has always been in April, what is up with that?]. Maybe I should start thinking about getting with a 27 or 28 yr old. Why not? It worked for Ashton. What's he got that I dont [besides model looks and a killer sense of humor?] Wait..i got those too!

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