Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy V-day? Nigguh, I'll kill you

Last night was a perfect example of why I am single. It was like some weird controlled experiment by God or something. You put 2 guys with diff ways of approaching a girl in a room with a beautiful girl, and u see who comes out the "victor."

Hang-out Day was due yesterday, so I trekked to Washington Heights to chill with my boy. He said something about going to a lounge, but i wasnt in the mood to drink and sit and talk. "Why don't we go to a poolhall, where we can drink and play and talk?" It seemed like a better idea. He was insistant, and so we ended up at the lounge. The game plan was to order a drink and chill for a while, then we'd split and go to the poolhall. Upon entering the locale, we encounter the prettiest creature in a 10 block radius. Omgoodness, i havent seen a girl like that in a long time. I mean, the city is filled with beautiful women, but this was different. it sounds corny to say that i thought we had a moment when i looked at her and she held my gaze as well. If i didnt know any better, her facial expression was "damn." I know mine was. I was glowing as she talked to me, but i played it cool, cuz thats my M.O...i play it cool.

Not my friend. He is very foward, very aggressive, very "strong."
After being in there for about half hour and chatting with her for a bit, she walked to where we were sitting and handed him a piece of paper. My heart sank.

"damn, u already asked her for her number?"

That bastard doesn't play.
The entire night, I was secretly beating myself up. I couldn't player hate or anything..but damn...he's quick.

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