Monday, April 25, 2005

Leave a message after the tone...

Today, I came home from work early and the strangest thing happened. While happily making tuna fish sandwiches, the phone rang. I would have ignored it, but something made me check the caller id. It was a name I havent heard or thought of in 2 yrs. I wondered if I should pick up or let him talk to the machine. I picked up and we got to chatting. We use to work together back in my Entenmann's days. Apparently, things werent going too well, and he was calling to offer me a job. I greatly appreciated the offer, and I told him that. Still, I couldnt help but remember vivdly how I felt used while working there; how I disliked the ppl I worked with, and how happy I was when I 'turned the page.' He asked how I was doing, and I made it quite clear that I was doing very well for myself and had no intentions to go down a beaten path. The call made me realize that when you are down and out, you are so smothered with your problems, its the only thing you think of. In the end, "everything's gonna be alright." Its so really is.

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